20km Maredsous Dinant

March 10, 2024



The Molignée valley is a unique, varied and colorful setting. With its straight line course and flat-descent profile, translated into a 138m negative gradient on a very gentle slope, the Maredsous-Dinant 20km course will prove to be the fastest and most accessible course you've ever run. Add to this variations in landscape, breathtaking views and tunnel-like effects through the vegetation, and this course will transport you into an atypical universe.

THE ideal course to prepare for your marathon, or even improve your record over this distance.


The start will be organized in several waves. These waves will be formed according to your estimated time to complete the race, which you will be asked to indicate when you register. It is therefore important to provide an honest estimate of your race time so that you can be placed in the starting wave that corresponds to you.

Details of waves by weather forecast (subject to change) : 

  • - de 1h15
  • - de 1h30
  • - de 1h45
  • - de 2h00
  • + de 2h00


Each wave will include one or more pacemakers, who will be easily identifiable. They will set the pace to maintain a specified race time, helping you to potentially surpass your best time over the 20-kilometer distance!

The 3 pacemakers will guide you or serve as a reference to help you complete the 20km in :

  • 1h40
  • 1h50
  • 2h00
  • 2h10


The maximum time allowed to complete the race is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

If you're out of time, don't panic, a staff member will let you know. After this time, you can finish the race if you wish, but you will be solely responsible for doing so.


To keep you nourished and hydrated during the race, 4 refreshment stations will be available :

  • Ravito n°1 : KM 3.8
  • Ravito n°2 : KM 8.3
  • Ravito n°3 : KM 13
  • Ravito n°4 : KM 17.5

And what do we eat at the refreshment posts?

​On the menu :

  • Bananas, dried fruit, cereals, savoury cookies, gingerbread, energy gel ...
  • Water, Coca-Cola, isotonic drinks...

Nutrition and hydration advice :

Drinking too late or too much at once can impair performance. Drink a few sips per feed to stay hydrated throughout the race !

Get used to feeding and hydrating yourself during your workouts so you know what works best for you ;)